Greetings from the East:

Our December 11th Stated Meeting
opened once again in Short Form. Those
officers of Sidney Croft Lodge for the ensuing
year who were present were duly
The meeting was preceded by a
pizza supper. The pizzas were brought in
from Fat Cat Pizza and were quite good.
When you see them, remember to thank our
Ladies for the great care they take of us.
We are pleased to report that all but
a few of the tickets for the raffle of the
Winchester XPR 270 bolt-action rifle have
been sold. It's entirely possible that the
drawing will be held at our January 8th
Stated Meeting. Our thanks to Worshipful
Brother Steve Pomerleau. He has sold the
bulk of the tickets. Sales started in late
November and already the 500 tickets are
all but sold out.
Ritual practices will resume on
Wednesday, January 2nd. Future practices
will be each Tuesday evening at 6 p.m.
except every 2nd Tuesday Stated Meeting.
All Ritual Team members are expected to
be in attendance. Even if you are not an
officer, we can always use your help.
Our sincere thanks to Finley and
Gundi Cheshier for the lovely clock now
hanging in the dining room.

Happy New Year Everyone!
Mike Cover,
Worshipful Master

Stated Meeting Dinners
are served at 6:30 p.m. prior
to the 7:30 p.m. Stated Meeting
each 2nd Tuesday

           Our thanks to Sharon Cover, Jane Turner, Sue Mathis, Ruth Griffin, Betty Pomerleau and for all their help and the great dinners they have prepared.

                           We now have Masonic jackets available through a new supplier.
                      Cost is $110. They may be ordered through Joel Reich, Treasurer

                                      SIDNEY CROFT MASONIC LODGE NO. 206
                                                                A.F. & A.M.
                                                          AUGUST 16, 1946

         Appointed by the Grand Master of Masons for Oregon, the District Deputy for
2016 – 2017 for our 16th District is Jerry Earls, PM of Bandon Lodge No. 130.  
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             If you have an article to be included in the Trestle Board, please contact:
                                       Ruth Griffin   


Sidney Croft Lodge #206 A F & A M

Meeting time:
2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm
(Dinner at 6:30pm)



Mike Cover Worshipful Master, 541-469-3644

Finley Cheshier PM Sr. Warden 541-469-8920

Steve Shannon PM Jr. Warden, 541-813-1211

Joel Reich HPM HA  Secretary, 541-251-3214

Norm Alander Treasurer, 541-941-4688 

Hetzel Akers PM Sr. Deacon 707-464-8544

Stan Ridens PM Jr. Deacon 541-12-7752

Bill Griffin Marshal, 541-469-4619

Ken E. Francis Tyler 541-499-8888

Ernie Turner PM HA Chaplain, 541-469-3142

Joel Reich HPM HA Historian, 541-251-3214