Greetings from the East:

Since we had very little business to transact or discuss at our Stated Meeting on March 13th, we once again opened and closed in Short Form. The meeting was preceded by a great dinner prepared by our Ladies. I'm sure I don't need to remind you to let these Ladies know how much we truly appreciate the good care they take of us.

*** Our Sr. Deacon, Brother Michael Connelly is conducting a course in the use of the emergency defibrillator we purchased for the sole use of the Lodge. The first class was held on March 13th. The next and last class will be on April 10th at 7 p.m. Our ladies and guests are welcome to attend. ***

The Official Visitation of RWB Peter A. Braun, Deputy Grand Master of District 16, will take place at our Stated Meeting on April 11th.

Please, everyone, brush up on your ritual work. All officers are to wear tuxedoes. As you all know by now, we are still in the process of selling tickets for a Henry's'Golden Boy' .17 HMR Model H004V rifle. The proceeds of this raffle will benefit the Temple Board. The drawing will be held when all 500 tickets have been sold. We are still about 150 tickets short of our goal. Contact HWB Joel Reich at 541-251-3214 for your block of tickets.

WM Mike Cover has been vacationing. During his prolonged absence, I have assumed the gavel and have been presiding in the East. Worshipful Brother Mike has returned tanned and rested and ready to resume his duties at our April 10th Stated Meeting.

Steve Mathis, Sr. Warden

Mostly in the West

Stated Meeting Dinners
are served at 6:30 p.m. prior
to the 7:30 p.m. Stated Meeting
each 2nd Tuesday

           Our thanks to Sharon Cover, Jane Turner, Sue Mathis, Ruth Griffin, Betty Pomerleau and Marsha Paoli for all their help and the great dinners they have prepared.

                           We now have Masonic jackets available through a new supplier.
                      Cost is $105. They may be ordered through Joel Reich, Treasurer

                                      SIDNEY CROFT MASONIC LODGE NO. 206
                                                                A.F. & A.M.
                                                          AUGUST 16, 1946

         Appointed by the Grand Master of Masons for Oregon, the District Deputy for
2016 – 2017 for our 16th District is Peter A. Braun of Bandon Lodge No. 130.  
                                                  * * * * * ** * * * * *                     

~~ Worthy of Note ~~

Our Worshipful Brother Hiram Underwood PM was honored as our 2016 Hiram Award recipient.

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                                                          Coming Events on
                                                           the South Coast


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             If you have an article to be included in the Trestle Board, please contact:
                                       Ruth Griffin   


Sidney Croft Lodge #206 A F & A M

Meeting time:
2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm
(Dinner at 6:30pm)



Mike Cover Worshipful Master, 541-469-3644

Steve Mathis PM HA Sr. Warden, 541 813-1343

Steve Shannon PM Jr. Warden, 541-813-1211

Joel Reich HPM HA  Secretary, 541-251-3214

Norm Alander Treasurer, 541-941-4688 

Michael Connelly Sr. Deacon, 1-508-274-7966

Hetzel Akers PM Jr. Deacon, 707-464-8544

Bill Griffin Marshal, 541-469-4619

David Paoli PM Tyler, 1-541-254-4695

Ernie Turner PM HA Chaplain, 541-469-3142

Joel Reich HPM HA Historian, 541-251-3214